Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 14, It Was The Best Day Ever.

Breakfast; 1 egg, bran cereal, fried turkey skin. A brief breakfast with an impending epic lunch.

Lunch/Dinner; chicken wings, 1/2 bacon cheeseburger, pizza, 1 large coffe, 5 large beers. Happy Birthday Sharon! Today was a milestone birthday for my sister. As previously agreed we had an exempt day from the time we entered the restaurant until the time we left. The party was scheduled for 1PM. Mom, Sharon, and I all arrived within moments of one another at 12:30PM. I made full use of our time there, eating and drinking and drinking and eating. It is almost 8PM anf ther is not a shred of hunger in me.

I understand a little why people who lived through the great depression are so crazy about saving things now. We have been at this for 2 weeks. I have a pan that I save breadcrumbs in because I have a recipe that calls for them. No food I make goes to waste. If I am like this in 2 weeks, I couldn't imagine going through this for 6 years!

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