Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 8 Meals

Breakfast was a bowl of cooked bran with canned peaches from the trade and cornbread with grape jelly.  I also had a couple cups of mint tea.  I think my indoor mint plant is being invaded by tiny bugs (sad).

For my grazing meals today I took a salad with beets, lettuce, tomatoes and pickle juice dressing.  I also had two pieces of cornbread with grape jelly, two of the lovely wheat pierogies with tomato sauce and green beans with tomato sauce, garlic and chives.

I also am very satisfied and feel as though the challenge is going well.  I've come up with two projects for the final prize (which I am going to love keeping).  More details to follow.


  1. Try spraying the mint plant with a very dilute solution of dish soap. It make take a few treatments, but it takes care of a of bug problems.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I'll try that! I appreciate the tip.