Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Fine Brunch

The 3 remaining challengers got together today for brunch.  I was heading to Mom's anyways to help her mill wheat and for a bit of trade. I invited Sharon over too (without mentioning it to Mom - what a jerk!) and we had a nice brunch together. I brought some bran cereal, grape butter, and milk. Mom made her famous fruit slushies. She also roasted her turkey today and we ate a sampler of that. Sharon outdid us both and made a fantastic pizza. We had a bit of trade afterwards.  I gave up about 6 lbs of ground grains (wheat bran and cornmeal) plus some other odds and ends and got a cup of oil(the way I was acting you would think it was made of precious metals!) Some frozen fruits and vegetables, a few fresh turnips, and turkey! Mom didn't want the legs, the skin, the carcass, or the organ meats! Good eats in my future!

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