Monday, January 2, 2012

A Really Late Lunch

Sharon and I made noodles last night. I put all mine in a plastic bag and chucked them in the fridge when I got home last night. They all clumped up so I had to rework them all. I came in for lunch at about 2:30, and didn't get done until almost 5.

Today's lunch, I'll still call it that since I still plan to eat later, consisted of;

Linguine with tomato basil sauce

Garlic bread

Hot apples w/maple sugar

1/2 cup grape juice

Let me just comment that,thus far, everything in this challenge is fantastic in comparison to the last one. I had probably 2 or 3 meals in the last challenge I would call good.  The rest of the time eating was a chore.

To start, I overcooked the noodles. Not the end of the world, they were a bit mushy but still palatable. They were made from wheat flour, water, and egg. The sauce I had canned earlier this year, it is comprised of tomatoes, garlic, basil, and salt. We pressure canned it and it looked a little runny in the jar. I did have to cook it down some but it turned out fine.

Sharon and I baked the bread last night, the garlic from a forage in early summer. I peeled the garlic, put it into an egg pan, and then just laid the slices of bread on top.

I canned the apples in light syrup some time in the fall, I don't remember if I picked them myself or traded for them. The maple sugar came from our project last march at the Lohman's.

The grape juice was from grapes I got in trade from my mom. She gave me way more than I had expected and I ended up juicing some of them.

On a side note, I have made a new press cylinder for extracting oil and juice from rose hips. I blew the screen out with too much pressure twice already, but it does work! It is pretty cold out in the shop and I have had the rose hips in the freezer so the oil comes out like butter. Once I brought it into the house it melted away from the berry essence and into the bottom of the cup.

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  1. I agree with you that the meals are way better! I loved the sauerkraut pierogis and would make them again with the homemade freezer kraut and whole wheat flour! I lightly fried them in olive oil, chives and dill for lunch. Delicious! I would like the recipe for the kraut!

  2. Jessica asked for pierogis when I came home on Sunday night. I asked here if she wanted homemade or stroe bought. She said homemade, thinking they were Bubba's pierogis (Bubba is our grandma.) Needless to say she was suorised when i brought out our challenge pierogis! When she bit into a sauerkraut one she said, 'What is this, seaweed?' She really is a trooper for putting up with me int this project that she has no real interest in. I will track that recipe down for you.-