Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 3, Still Here

I am feeling a bit grumbly tonight. I would like a hamburger and a coffee.

Breakfast today was a bowl of bran cereal with grape butter, toasted bread, 1/2 cup milk, and mint tea. I made some better walnut butter today - I passed the nut meats through the corona mill 5 times, picking out bits of shell as I went. The walnuts were crazy oily. I squeezed the oil out of them, then added salt and sugar. I used the oil to toast the bread in a pan. I made an egg omelet a little later too.
Lunch was a few potato pierogis, some toasted garlic bread, thawed out watermelon, leftover soup and green beans, and rose hips as a beverage. The garlic bread was made like the toast in the morning, add garlic. I did the same with the pierogis. The watermelon tasted a bit off, and I thawed it too long so the texture was off.
For dinner I had curry vegetables over noodles, hot apples with maple sugar, and some bread and butter pickles. The vegetables consisted of corn, pea pods, soybeans, and garlic. I started it out like a stir-fry with some curry added in. Then I put a splash of milk in, and added the soybeans. Then I remembered that soybeans need to cook; I added some water and left them to simmer for a bit. The peapods were woody, the rest of it was pretty good. It doesn't change the fact that I want a coffee and a burger.

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  1. Maybe you should try some snacks or 2 eggs instead of just one. I eat when I'm hungry but I'll probably run out of food within the next week or maybe as soon as the weekend.

  2. I am not grumbly hungry, just crabby. Waaa!

  3. Oh. You're pouty because you want coffee and meat.

  4. I had a wonderful discovery today!!! I chipped off some of the maple cake to sweeten my mint tea. (I ate a couple small chips like hard candy - AWESOME!!) Also, I came home and ate a few black walnuts - they are very potent.

  5. I can relate - At work I sit right outside the kitchen where the coffee is brewed. The smell is driving me CRAZY!!! I would love to have a cup of coffee.