Saturday, January 7, 2012


Ok - at least we attempted to make biscotti. It was the end of a long baking and cooking afternoon/evening. We wanted something sweet to add to our stash of goods. We had most of the ingredients for maple walnut biscotti except for baking powder. We figured we could use yeast/warm water in place of the baking powder which made it more bread-like instead of crunchy.

I ate my biscotti as snacks with blackberry jam. After a of couple days, I decided to use the few I had left as a crust for apple "pie". I used a little oil to grease the bottom of the baking dish and crumbled the biscotti. I then topped it with baked apples that I had in the freezer (sweetened with maple sugar). The topping is candied walnuts (melted maple sugar and chopped walnuts).


  1. Sharon, can we have the recipe for the biscotti? (Please).

  2. ...I don't think you want that recipe. Some things are best left alone.

  3. Mark you had 3/4 of them and I had 1/4 so I can see how you are sick of them. (Plus we made an extra log because we had to add extra flour since we used yeast/warm water instead of baking powder) Mom I will give you a copy of the recipe. I'm sure you can perfect it since you have the right ingredients.