Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 12 Meals and Day 11 Snack

Today's breakfast was totally awesome!!!  I had a scrambled egg, a piece of cornbread with grape jelly and 1/2 baked potato along with some chicory beverage.

For my grazing meals today I had the last two pieces of cornbread with grape jelly, green beans with tomatoes and garlic, blackberry applesauce and pumpkin soup.  The last three items were still frozen in the picture.  I heated them at work.  A side note, a lot of people at work are asking to see what I've brought.  I am now officially know as the office eccentric tree-hugger.

I was somewhat hungry last night so I made some "cookies."  I cut up a piece of the applesauce/zucchini/walnut  bread into squares.  Then, I use the small food processor to turn a small amount of sugar into powdered sugar and then I coated the squares with the powdered sugar.  They were quite tasty.

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