Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flowers to Flour (flour extender)

I am also running low on my flour supply.  I remembered something I read last summer about the early settlers adding ground clover flowers to their supply of wheat to extend it.  I just so happened to have a gallon bag of dry clover flowers gathered last summer (during the first challenge).  I figured - why not?  So, above are a progression of flowers to flour.  From left to right are the flowers, the petals and the flour.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Mark, I have more if you would like to try them.


  1. I am trying to add some cornmeal into most things I make with flour, I don't want to further dilute it with flower. Thanks for the offer though!

  2. The only thing I've made thus far with the flower/flour mixture is cornbread. The bread was quite tasty. I used a 25% clover, 75% wheat ratio by volume. I still have lots of dry clover flowers left and I thought I might grind them and see if they work in any recipes by themselves. One side note: The fresh clover flowers taste a little like raw green beans.