Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 7 and the End of Week One . . .

For breakfast today I cut a piece of the zucchini,applesauce walnut bread (which I've decided is a little too sweet).  I cut it in half and formed each half into a pancake because it was a little to wet, I browned it in just the tiniest bit of butter.  Along with the "bread cakes," I had canned peaches (received in trade) and strawberry applesauce.  I also had some chicory beverage.

For dinner I had the last (thank heavens!) of the vegetable soup, strawberry applesauce with black walnut sprinkles, the vegetables Sharon and I roasted yesterday and cornbread made with my newly acquired grains.  I topped it with a little grape jelly after the photo to sweeten it up a bit.  I feel much more confident now that I've added the grains to my meals.

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