Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 5

Breakfast was; egg omelet with cream cheese and green onion, applesauce, polenta with grape butter, biscotti, and 1/4 cup milk. I'm getting pretty tired of the biscotti, there are probably a dozen pieces left.

Today was the first meat I have eaten since the challenge began - I chose the smaller of the two catfish I caught. I cut the fillets off the sides and then chucked the remains in a stock pot with boiling water. Once cooked I picked all the little bits of meat off of it. I was reading yesterday about cream soups and I will make a fish soup once I have cooked the other fish in a similar manner I will make the aforementioned soup.

Here the lunch is - A small fresh salad, 1 fish fillet, sauerkraut, chow-chow relish, and more biscotti (yay!) I froze the other fish fillet, cooked. I fried them in the oil-and-onions Sharon gave me for the pierogis, covered in toasted bread crumbs from the first loaf of bread. The salad was radish greens, carrot, radish, and for dressing I used the juice from the bread and butter pickles I ate the last of yesterday. Great idea, Mom! The sauerkraut actually tasted a little bit like sauerkraut once i added salt and cooked it up in a frying pan.

For dinner, Pizza! Also some soybeans. For the pizza, I had taken one of the bread doughs out of the freezer this morning. Once thawed it was pretty crumbly. I added a bit of water to it, then kneaded it until it had a better consistency. I set it on the stove to proof for about 10 mins, then into the oven on the pizza stone. 425 degrees for 12 minutes did the trick. I actually made 2 small pizzas. The first is pictured above topped with tomato/basil sauce, cream cheese, green onions, and whole peeled tomato. To get the cream cheese into a useful state I dusted it with cornmeal and rolled it out flat. Then i cut it with a butter knife into strips. The second didn't go into the oven so good so my pizza stone is a mess now. I added garlic to that one as well. Once I added some salt it was pretty good, I stood there while the 2nd one cooked and ate 2/3rds of the first one. Then once that one came out of the oven I ate 2/3rds of it too! I have 2 bits of pizza left, I will save them for another day.

As for the soybeans, I had some soaking for my soup a few days ago and didn't use all of them. I put them in the water I used to boil the fish in and boiled them down a bit. I added the last of a jar of summer squash and a pinch of salt to the boil as well. I reduced the water down by most so that there was just a bit of broth in the beans. It came out pretty good - if I should find myself with the same impromptu ingredients lined up I will certainly make the same dish again.

I am in good spirits but kind of hungry today! I am going to make a snack right now and then put together some trail mix or something for later.

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