Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Turkey Marshmallows

While waiting for the bread to finish baking last night I sat there and read excerpts from the American Woman's Cookbook. One of the recipes was for marshmallows. It called primarily for sugar and gelatin. I had gelatin, turkey flavored of course, but why not give it a try!

First I spooned the gelatin out of the cup, trying to get the clearest bits. I heated it on the stove until it was liquid, then poured it through a coffee filter.

Next I lightly oiled a bread pan and then powdered that with maple sugar. I used a fine cheese grater to make the maple sugar very fine. I added 1 cup of sugar to the 1/2 cup molten gelatin. I stirred constantly until it reached 138 degrees, then removed it from the heat. I poured it into a bowl and whisked it vigorously for...a while. I held the bowl in another bowl filled with cold water to help get the temp down. It was turning white and looking fluffy so I poured it into the pan. I dusted the top with more maple sugar.

A few hours later I went back to see what I had created. It was...not marshmallows. It was very tasty though, with a good texture similar to fudge. I cut it in to squares and dusted each one with more maple sugar. Jessica says they were so good that she could eat the whole pan!

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  1. Use an electric mixer next time. That will make those bad boys fluffy.

  2. Oh, yeah, that would have been smart.