Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 24

Breakfast; polenta wth blackberry jam, 2 eggs, apples. I decided I would try my Mom's suggestion of polenta with tomato sauce for lunch, so I made the polenta at breakfast. I put a tray in the fridge to set up for lunch and had this bowl for breakfast.

Lunch; fried polenta with tomato sauce, salted fish, 1 egg, 1 tomatillo, apples. Nothing in this emal clashed per se, but everything was a few degrees in flavor off from any other thing. Nothing was bad, just a strange combination. To reconstitute the fish I soaked it in water for about an hour, then put it in a pot and boiled it for 10 minutes. The meat peels right off the bones.

Dinner; 1 scrambled egg, bread and butter pickles, cream cheese, and crackers. This spartan meal was taken to a friends house. I was a bit jealous of the Hungry Howie's pizza they got.

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