Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Days 15 & 16

Day 15 - that was a long day. I woke up and had a good breakfast. Then I had a meeting with a client, 2 inventory pick-ups, and then a meeting with another client. We were on the road for most of the day. I brown-bagged it for lunch, sorry no photos available.

Breakfast; scrambled eggs, turkey skin, fresh tomatillos, bran cereal. Tomatillos hold up amazingly well.

Lunch; brown bag with turkey sandwiches, apricot almonds, raisins, mint tea, and a wedge of Mom's bread. The turkey sandwiches were made using leftovers from the 'turkey on a shingle' dinner a couple of nights ago. The bread is pretty dry.

Dinner; mixed vegetable pot. I started with 2 sauerkraut pierogis, chopped them up into thin slices. Then I added soybeans, 1 egg, rosemary, salt, a bit of vinegar, and probably some other ingredients that I can't think of right now.

I went to bed that night very early. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and was up for several hours. Finally I got back to bed and slept another 2 hours, but I have had a bit of an upset stomach all day.

Day 16

Breakfast; 2 eggs, applesauce, turkey skin, bran cereal, whatever else you see on that plate. I can't remember.

Lunch; turkey soup, corn cakes. The corn cakes were terrible. I made these the other day and, bleagh. I think the milk I am using is starting to turn too, it doesn't smell or taste sour but it keeps coagulating when I put it in stuff. I will attempt a cheese experiment with it soon.

Dinner; once again, no picture. We were out at a friend's house this evening, so I packed food to take with. I put all my oil in an egg pan, sliced one potato super thin, and made potato chips. I also took the disgusting corn cakes mentioned in the previous meal and fried those. They were a zillion times better. I also had half a baked potato, turkey meat, bread, and soda 3.0 (grape!) I ended up using only half of the 2oz turkey portion and just 1 slice of bread. I still have bread to last tomorrow and a bit of meat there. I will have to mill flour and bake again soon though.

As for the soda, here is what I have done; I made the initial batch using apricot syrup (made essentially from cooked apricots and sugar,) a bunch of sugar, and some yeast. I used warm water and smooshed the sides of the soda bottle in a little so I could see when it was pressurized. The next morning I put it in the fridge. It was carbonated well, it was too sweet though.

On version 2, I added more water to the original batch along with a little more sugar and a few slices of lemon. I cut my finger on the knife too. Be careful when cutting frozen lemons! That came out pretty good.

On version 3, I wanted to try to make grape soda. I used about 4/5ths of the bottle, then added about 1-1/2 jars of grape butter and filled with water. I wanted to get away from using my raw sugar for this as it takes a lot to sweeten it and my sugar stock is dwindling. It also came out pretty good. I am still on the same yeast as the first batch too - I think the bready smell is starting to subside in the yeast culture.

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