Friday, January 6, 2012

Day of Trade

Mom and I are getting together tomorrow morning so I can mill her wheat into flour, and for a bit of trade. Mom, here is what I could use from your list;

Baked Potatoes (chive or parsley) 36 (1/2 each)
Pea Pods 7 bags
Plain Green Beans 5 bags
Tomatilloes 8 small
Carrots still growing
Lettuce still growing
Applesauce 15 containers
Turkey 1 (8.5 pounds)
Oil about 1/3 bottle
Butter 2/3 stick
Mint (Dry)

Sharon, If you want to make some trades too, here is what I like on your list;

2 small onions
green beans with tomatoes
2 packages raspberries
small amount of dill

For those of you wondering what happened to the Jacksons, they have already conceded!


  1. I will give you 1 package of raspberries, onions, dill, and chili. No trade necessary since you gave me the wheat and corn flour. I'm not sure on the oil, I just have a small amount left. I'm planning on using some for pizza with the flour you gave me. I will check the rice too since I was planning on having some with the roasted vegetables.

  2. No way dude you helped me cook all tnat stuff! You are totally taking goods in trade! Mom has oil she will trade me, I don't need yours if you are low. What about pepper? I would love some pepper...

  3. How about a couple eggs and some freezer sauerkraut? I have whole peppercorns is that ok?

  4. Ooooh no re: the Jacksons! They were strong contenders! SO organized! SO many chickens! Can't wait to hear the scoop.

  5. Eggs and freezer kraut it is! Whole peppercorns are fine.

  6. Here is what I am willing to trade:

    6 of the 1/2 potatoes (that's 3 whole)
    2 pckgs pea pods
    1 pck green beans
    all of the tomatillos
    3 containers applesauce
    1# turkey (mix of dark and white meat)
    1 c oil
    Dry Mint

    In trade I would like
    $1.14 for purchase of baking powder to make zucchini and apple/walnut breads
    4 eggs
    corn meal
    tips on making the hot cereal

  7. Oh - I forgot to add the mutant carrots. Also, we were going to rummage around the garden cause there are still lots of beet and turnips that are small. There is probably some kale and some fresh parsley. If you would like, we can dig up some of the mint and start some for you. I started a plant inside and I have had fresh mint every day.

  8. Sharon - would you like to trade for anything? - Same deal as the eggplant. I ate it today - It was wonderful. Two of my coworkers sampled and one of them wants the recipe.