Monday, January 2, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

I intend to post just once a day for the bulk of this project, but as the kick-off is today i'll be posting every meal.

Sharon and I were baking and cooking for about 5 hours yesterday. We came up with a variety of prepared foods to give us a good push into this first week.

The last challenge started with a 3 day long headache from caffeine withdrawal. I stopped drinking any caffeine 3 days ago so I hope my conversion into this new diet will be a little less jarring. 

Breakfast today consists of;

Hot bran cereal

Maple walnut biscotti with maple carmel sauce

Wheat bread with blackberry jam

1 egg

1/2 cup milk

Mint tea


Jessica also had an egg and 1/2 biscotti. 

I had read that you can use either salt or honey to stabilize yolks for freezing. I can tell you for certain that sugar is not a viable substitute. I did my best 'scrambled in pan' impression. It doesn't look great but it tastes fine.

I made the bran cereal like rice - bring the water to a boil, then add the grain and cover for 18 mins. There was still a little water in it at that point so I turned up the heat and stirred it until it was thick. It came out pretty well, though it is cold now since I am posting this instead of enjoying my breakfast. It tastes quite a bit better than any bran flake type cereal.

The biscotti and bread were both baked last night at Sharon's.  The maple carmel sauce was my failed attempt at making pralines - it still tastes awesome but didn't set up into candies. We probably would have benefitted to have a thermometer instead of having to guess.

The jam came in a trade from the Jacksons. The mint for the tea came from Mom's garden. I had dried the chickory early this year.

With some of our last few store dollars (our family started with $13) I bought a gallon of milk ($2.59) and a half pound of cream cheese ($1.) We have $1.20 left in the piggy bank for this challenge.

Breakfast is the easiest meal to make 'normal', the only thing I find annoying are the occasional bits of grit in the food - little stems, the occasional bit of shell, etc. We shall see what lunch brings!

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  1. Breakfast looks awesome!!! I am anxious to add some grains to the menu.